If you would like to see Kenyan birds, take a trip with James Bradley.  If you would like to see the big birds, little birds, common birds, rare bird, ugly birds, and spectacularly beautiful birds of Kenya, take a trip with James Bradley.  If you would like to see African wildlife (from ants to zebras), take a trip with James Bradley. If you would like to stay at fabulous lodges with great food, take a trip with James Bradley.  I took a trip to Kenya with James Bradley and I’m glad I did.  I had a great time and have Kenyan memories that I will always treasure. Elizabeth Johnson (California, USA)


What an amazing trip!! I believe my trip list is 548, with over 470 lifers! James was the best guide that I have experienced. He was so knowledgeable about every aspect of Kenya from geology to customs of Kenya life. His birding skills were incredible. Our accommodations were wonderful.  Bruce LaBar (Washington, USA)


My wife Kay and I went on the November 2016 trip with James and it was an experience of a lifetime. James is the most skilled tour leader we have ever experienced.  He is extraordinarily able to identify birds by call, song, sight and behavior.  He is also great at getting all of the birders onto each bird.  In addition he is a virtual walking encyclopedia of all things Kenya.  He has a comprehensive understanding of geography and geology, habitats and what birds and animals to expect in various habitats.  In addition he grew up in Kenya and it was really fun let him show us “his” Kenya.  He also set up a wonderful itinerary, with lots of time for birding, great exposure to the mammals of East Africa, and yet kept the pace comfortable and enjoyable. The accommodations were first class and comfortable.  The foot was excellent and our driver and vehicle were great.  I recommend James’ trip to anyone with an interest in birding in Africa.    Ed Pullen (Washington, USA)