Birding in Kenya Safaaris fall 2016 group.
Birding in Kenya Safaris fall 2016 group.

Hello.  I’m James Bradley, and I am excited to lead you on a Kenya birding experience that will be one of your trips of a lifetime.  I am passionate about Kenya, its birds, and about showing “my Kenya” to you.  I lead small trips, myself plus 4-6 guests, on birding safaris during the spring and fall to Kenya.  We will experience the vast diversity of Kenya birding, from montane forests on the slopes of Mount Kenya, to the northern thornscrub and savanna, lush tropical rain forests, and unique coastal woodlands and shorelines of the Indian Ocean.  You will stay in comfortable resorts, and will see both the cities and rural culture of Kenya.  I strive to make these trips fun, reasonably relaxed while still seeing a tremendous variety of birds, mammals, and habitats.  Send me an email using the Contact page above to find out details of our next trip.